Nawshad Shaikh


Nawshad is a highly skilled financial and management accountant, and data analyst, with more than ten years’ industry experience.

Nawshad applies exceptional data collection, interpretation and dissemination skills to add value to business. By translating data to review reporting, generate modelling, perform analysis, complete audits, and conduct risk management and policy updates, he develops extensive process improvements.

Nawshad is an energetic and confident communicator, with the ability to circulate information in a way that is clear, efficient and beneficial for end users. This, combined with his exceptional interpersonal and negotiation skills, enables him to build positive working relationships that bring successful business outcomes. He is a creative problem-solver, adept at determining optimal use of organisational data, and his forward planning, process improvement, financial analytics and critical assessment skills make him a valued member of the Parbery team.

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