Brad Cook

Senior Manager

Brad is a Canberra-based experienced professional with a successful track record leading large-scale Commonwealth policy development and policy analysis programs.

He brings extensive experience to Parbery, having spent more than 30 years in the Australian Public Service, 10 of which in Senior Executive roles. Brad has been instrumental in the development of key Commonwealth Policies including the Commonwealth Performance Framework, and has provided a range of advice to Senior Government officials, most recently focused on the Governments COVID-19 response and the 2019-20 bushfire response.

Brad has led several high performing teams throughout his Public Service Career, including team responsible for policy arrangements for Government Investment Funds, the provision of advice and further development of the PGPA Act and a branch established to develop options to improve Government efficiency. Within these environments Brad has been the business lead responsible for conducting analysis across Government and providing advice on Government positions moving forward.

Brad is resilient, self-aware, outcome focused and motivated by challenge and change. Brad has an ability to synthesize complex information, identify key points and clearly explain key elements to others.

Brad has a theoretical and practical understanding of Commonwealth policies, procedures, frameworks, and protocols and is able to apply this understanding on a strategic level to support better understanding and engagement for a range of stakeholder groups.

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