A Healthy Workplace

- November 2018

By Stuart Richards, Senior Manager at Parbery Consulting.

A topic close to my heart is workplace health, particularly as it has been my experience that in the workplace, many people – specifically those in leadership roles – tend to concentrate on the safety side of work, and not so much on the health aspect.  As someone whom has been an elected representative under the WHS ACT, I have seen and experienced first-hand the negative effects that an unhealthy workplace can have – both mentally and physically – with regard to both my own circumstances, and those of others.

So, I thought I would briefly express my views and experiences concerning the attributes that I believe form a mentally healthy workplace.

As an experienced senior professional, over the years I have worked for several organisations, companies and for myself, and what I have found is that there are several key aspects that a company should display and practice in order gain and maintain healthy workers and a healthy workplace. I believe these attributes are: support; appreciation; belief; responsibility; confidence; and positive communication.

  • Support – To know you have someone to assist you, help you, and who understands the complex nature of individuals and interactions, can be a great help to many employees.
  • Appreciation – Knowing that you are appreciated and to act with appreciation. This is an essential part of a good employment relationship.
  • Belief – Someone who shows belief in you, your work, and empowers the same belief in yourself, can be invaluable to a healthy work life.
  • Responsibility – Responsibility for your actions and the ability to turn negatives into positives allows growth and empowerment through development and experience.
  • Confidence – The ability for a leader to build up your confidence through feedback and through creating a work environment that allows you to flourish. You are able to be supported in making mistakes, so that you can learn from them and when you achieve something you are supported in being proud of what you have done. Also, being able to know you are valued, and that you can contribute without fear, is a great feeling to have.
  • Positive Communication – The most powerful attribute (in my opinion), that can give you all of the above, and which enables you to know that you have a healthy employment relationship and workplace, is positive communication.

The healthy workplace is the foundation of difference.

It is these attributes that support the values that build a healthy workplace and working relationship.

To echo what my colleague Andrew Chartres wrote in a previous blog on values, having now worked for Parbery Consulting for 4 months, I have experienced first-hand the combination of the positive values and attributes our company believes in and practices to build a healthy workplace. It is this healthy mindset which flows through to both us as employees and to our customers. Parbery prides itself on the differences it offers from other firms in the consulting industry, and the active promotion of a healthy workplace is one of those differences.

It is my pleasure and to write this blog knowing that there are companies focusing on helping those of us who have workplace health issues, or who have experienced them first-hand, in a positive way.

Workplace health is important – not just for you, but also for your business, and ultimately your customers – don’t underestimate its value.