Our experience is your confidence.

When you work with Parbery, you’ll have a team of highly experienced consultants at your fingertips – experts at delivering grant administration and management services across the public and private sectors.

Thinking that’s proactive, not reactive.

Our approach goes deeper than simply assigning resources based on numbers. First we take time to consider a range of critical factors. These include service requirements, appointing the right experts, real and/or perceived risks and risk management/mitigation strategies, as well as areas for improvement.

Fit for purpose, not one-size fits all.

We tailor our approach to the specific requirements of each grant program, ensuring it’s fit for purpose. Our services cover every element of the grant lifecycle, including but not limited to:

  • Development of policy documentation
  • Grant opportunity guidelines
  • Preparation of assessment plans
  • Review of grants
  • Negotiating and preparing grant agreements
  • Reviewing grant and milestone reports
  • Preparing reports for Commonwealth agencies on an organisation’s compliance with their Funding Agreement (including acquittals)

Our rigorous and quality-tested methodology and approach aligns with the Commonwealth Grant Rules Guidelines.

At Parbery, we’re proud to be on the Australian National Audit Office and Australian Federal Police Panels, through which we can be engaged to provide you with our grant administration and management services. We are also approved sellers on the DTA Marketplace.