Business performance improvement

Helping you succeed.

At Parbery, we believe in helping our clients succeed. We believe in taking an authentic and genuine approach, individually tailoring every solution to your requirements. With a diversity of experience, we provide a full range of services that complement our business performance improvement offering.

Understanding your requirements

We want to understand what you do and how you do it. By understanding your work, we gain insight into how we can best help you. We start by identifying and documenting your current practices in collaboration with you to understand what works well and what frustrates you.

Experience delivering for Defence

Our team has a strong track record improving performance for the Department of Defence on both an individual and collective basis. Our people have led major Defence programs and supported the transition to user-centric business management systems (BMS) that improve performance. We have a deep understanding of Defence and have developed and implemented BMS that align with Defence modelling quality and visual standards.

Tools to help you work

Our team has experience with Business Process Management (BPM) tools and we can work with your BPM tool of choice. Our staff are trained in Holocentric and we work closely with Holocentric, allowing us to implement business process management technology for a range of clients.

Our capabilities

Our range of capabilities support and enable business performance improvement for both government and non-government clients. Our capabilities include Business Process Management, Business Process Mapping, Business Process Modelling, Business Performance Improvement, Business Architecture, Change Adoption, Strategy and Policy, Governance and Assurance, and Risk Management.

At Parbery, we’re proud to be on the Australian National Audit Office and Australian Federal Police Panels, through which we can be engaged to provide you with our business process improvement services. We are also sellers on the DTA Marketplace.