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Services for NFPs, NGOs and Charities

At Parbery, we are passionate about a vibrant, impactful and sustainable sector beyond government and the private sector. Variously described as charities, not-for-profit organisations (NFPs), non-government organisations (NGOs), benevolent groups and other community associations, Parbery recognises these organisations as what many in the sector identify themselves as: For-Purpose Organisations (FPOs).

FPOs excel in adapting, responding and developing innovative solutions, often in an efficient and effective way. Their capacity to maintain financial viability and generate operating surpluses is crucial to their ability to be sustainable and provide ongoing services to their communities.

We are here to support you in achieving your mission. Parbery has the skill, experience, understanding and drive to support and advise your organisation so that you can focus on the important issues and the organisation can achieve more. Parbery offers a multi-faceted range of services to help your organisation, from strategic and functional reviews to supporting your work while you are recruiting and providing corporate services.


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