Make sure your workplace works for you

- March 2019

By Leigh Redman, Senior Manager at Parbery Consulting

Quite often in my professional career, I have asked myself the question – what do I want? Over the years, my answer has changed.

I began contracting 20 years ago and have been consulting for the past 13 years. During this time, I have learnt a lot about myself and how I like to work. I’m someone who thrives on change and enjoys being able to take on a variety of roles and activities. I like to try new things and work in different organisations to help develop my knowledge, build on my skills and reach my career goals.

Working within different organisations and environments has made me realise the importance of finding a workplace that aligns with your needs, values and interests. Your work environment can significantly impact your job satisfaction and day-to-day tasks. So, when I recently reflected on what’s most important to me, I decided on three key things.

The people

I want to work with people who share similar values to me. I enjoy workplaces where I can build relationships with my colleagues and get to know them. I like having the ability to work as part of a team and draw on the knowledge and experience of those around me.

The work

I have been involved in many different projects and fondly remember the ones that really got me excited. I enjoy being creative and innovative in my work to develop solutions that consider new and changing technology and work practices. I look for roles that deliver meaningful outcomes that help my clients to better their business. It’s also important that I enjoy the work I do and find an interest in it. I want to have fun and feel excited about my professional life.

Work-life balance

I have many personal pursuits that are important to me. It’s important that I work somewhere that supports my personal life and allows me to continue to grow in all areas of my life.

By reflecting on these three important areas of life, I’ve established what is right for me and what I value in my professional life. This makes me confident in the decisions I make and know that Parbery is where I should be!