Parbery accepted onto whole-of-government audit panel

- April 2019

By Chris Young, Principal at Parbery Consulting

Parbery Consulting has been accepted onto the Australian National Audit Office (ANAO) audit panel.

The ANAO recently invited tenders from consulting & accounting firms to be on its panel in order to help perform audits from several categories. Panels are an important stream of work for any consultancy working with government. They offer a shortlist of pre-approved service providers to choose from.

Parbery applied to be a part of the ANAO panel for 2 of 5 audit categories, offering its services for financial statement audits and performance audits. The financial statement audit category involves auditing the yearly accounts and financial statements for government departments & agencies, while the performance audit category focuses on evaluating government processes, programs and functions.

Parbery submitted its tender for the work in late 2018, and the results have now been finalised. We were very pleased to hear that we made the cut and will be on the ANAO audit panel for the following 3 years. Being accepted onto this panel is a great compliment for Parbery. It means the ANAO has recognised us as an organisation it trusts to perform these important commonwealth government audits.

The ANAO audit panel is a whole-of-government panel, meaning any commonwealth department or agency can procure Parbery for audit services in the financial statement and performance categories. It’s an exciting opportunity, that will allow Parbery to push its limits and perform on a much bigger stage. Accompanying us on the panel are 57 other businesses, including many big accounting and consulting firms.

Parbery is also currently on the AFP panel, and is in the process of applying for several more. We’re proud to add the ANAO to our list, and look forward to securing some important work with the Commonwealth Government in the years ahead.