Prospering rather than enduring post Covid19 – never let a disaster go to waste

- November 2020

This week Parbery invited Stewart Rendall, Honorary Associate Professor at the Research School of Management at the ANU, to speak at one of our breakfast series sessions.  Beyond Stewart’s  credentials at ANU he has been a leader in BAE Systems Strategy and Global Relations – Cross Domain Solutions and also previously ran Compucat, a national export award winning Canberra based firm that developed software and hardware solutions for the Defence and National Security sectors.  Stewart has extensive global experience and is a very engaging speaker.

On the topic of Never let a disaster go to waste – how to prosper rather than endure the post Covid19 Defence and National Security industry landscape, Stewart had some fascinating insights around how 911 was a major catalyst to the collaboration and integration of the US Intelligence community, and the relevance of this experience to our post-Covid challenges.  He also had some great insights around building resilience into Defence and National Security organisations, particularly in the area of information security and management and how these sectors can better foster, buy and use innovation.

Over the coming weeks we plan to publish a series of thought pieces by Stewart on themes discussed at the session – keep an eye out for these.