Adam Costantini


Adam is a results-driven, senior commercial professional with over fourteen years’ experience supporting Government, primarily Defence in the areas of service delivery, policy analysis, commercial strategy development, procurement, contract management and capability development across multiple domains (Infrastructure, Aerospace, Maritime and Joint).

Adam’s early career was shaped at the Department of Human Services (Centrelink) where he experienced the impact of Public Policy on the end user, the Australian Public. This strongly influenced his perspective as a commercial practitioner to ensure that commercial agreements are fit for purpose to deliver value and positive outcomes to the end user.

He is recognised as a strategic thinker, with practical experience in translating organisational strategy and objectives into commercial outcomes, ensuring compliance with policy and legislation while addressing commercial risk. A strong written and verbal communicator, Adam can address complex problems in an easy-to-understand format with an ability to communicate outcomes to government, senior executives, peers and staff.

Adam is a collaborative leader who thrives on connecting people, ideas and action in complex project and procurement environments across the capability lifecycle, achieving creative solutions to project challenges. He is also passionate on developing and growing procurement teams and personnel through a combination of reflective, theoretical, and on-the-job mentorship.

His values-based, authentic leadership philosophy and interpersonal demeanour enables him to quickly build trusting relationships with diverse stakeholders in complex environments.

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