Bill Bird

Senior Manager

Bill is a management consultant, with over 20 years’ experience predominantly in the public sector.

Bill started his finance career with Walter Turnbull in Canberra in 2000, after eight years with the Australian Regular Army.  He has undertaken various roles across the audit, financial reporting, financial systems procurement and implementation, project accounting, and budget and modelling for Commonwealth Departments, ACT and WA governments and local governments in NSW and WA.

Most recently, Bill undertook a Revenue Management role for Department of Home Affairs, working closely with Department of Treasury, including build and maintain their complex revenue forecast model for administered taxation, specific Budget cost models, Senate Estimate briefs, feedback on Ministerial correspondence, external expense costings, and internal allocation model for Immigration Detention Centres.

Bill has a proven record in managing financial operations and expertise in budgeting, forecasting and management reporting. He has provided high level advice and analysis to boards and senior executive committees and successfully implemented enterprise-wide budgeting, forecasting, financial modelling and reporting systems. Through these improvements to financial reporting processes, Bill has delivered enhanced financial outcomes, minimised risk and improved internal controls.

Bill excels in developing and maintaining relationships and works cooperatively and in partnership with stakeholders at all levels of an organisation to deliver results.

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