Geoff Fisher


Geoff has over 25 years executive level experience in strategic communication, change and creative roles.

Geoff began his career in radio, firstly on air and in creative writing, before moving into roles with responsibility for the strategic direction and ratings of various commercial radio stations. His deep understanding of how to reach and engage an audience has underpinned Geoff’s subsequent roles in both the public and private sectors.

In the public service, Geoff held various strategic communication positions at the Australian Tax Office, including a key role in the function review of the marketing communication capability. He also held a senior change role at Services Australia, giving staff a voice in change through a network of change champions.

Geoff understands the needs of both government and commercial businesses. He was Client Services Manager in a communications agency, providing strategic advice and leading a team of strategists and content specialists to deliver communication solutions for clients across government and the private sector.

At Parbery, Geoff leads our creative capability, supporting clients with a range of creative content.

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