John Kelleher


John is a manager with experience in policy, analysis and governance, government & business writing, stakeholder engagement and project management.

A strong and enthusiastic team member and individual performer, John strives to efficiently achieve goals in any space he occupies.

John began his working career in small business. Supplying goods and service to a broad range of small and large clients, including local and Federal Government departments, throughout the ACT and region. He then became a high school teacher, and for almost a decade did nearly all that could be done in that space. He built on this education background, moving into departmental policy and governance, before becoming a specialist project manager within the ACT Public Service.

Skilled in governmental policy, guideline, research and report creation, and end-to-end stakeholder engagement, John has worked on high-level projects such as local government annual reviews, guidance for pre/post legislative changes, and brief-writing for ministerial audiences.

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