Kylie Burnett

Managing Partner

Kylie is an experienced public and private sector leader who focuses on cohesive team culture to drive performance and deliver results.

Kylie is resilient, self-aware, outcome focused and motivated by challenge and change. She is known for the ability to motivate a team to achieve outcomes and transform operations to build skills from within.

Kylie has extensive knowledge of the public sector with over ten years’ experience in the Australian Public Service, including seven years in executive-level roles across policy, program and service delivery. Through subsequent private sector roles, including providing services for government departments, Kylie has developed a unique standpoint and brings both government and industry perspectives to every project.

Kylie is a commercial management specialist, with extensive experience in both the public and private sectors. For clients, Kylie oversees the tendering, design, negotiation, project management and delivery of complex procurement activities and contracts. Kylie also has extensive experience in corporate strategy development, change and project management, and policy and Cabinet submission development – skills honed in the fires of politically motivated and highly scrutinised environments.

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