Leigh Redman


Leigh is a multi-skilled consultant with experience in strategic review, business improvement and strategic sourcing.

Business improvement activities are Leigh’s forte – including identifying organisational areas for improvement and building on opportunities using better-practice comparisons. Proficient in problem definition and resolution, she has highly developed business-process engineering skills. This allows her to grasp business requirements and concepts quickly, then integrate strategic functions accordingly.

Leigh has conducted procurement and contract management activities for the Department of Defence, Department of Immigration and Border Patrol, Department of Human Services, and Defence Housing Authority. Across the board, she delivered positive outcomes for each of these processes. She has also completed strategic reviews for government departments – identifying their current operating state and modelling their future state. Through this analysis, she can develop roadmaps to improved efficiency and effectiveness.

Underpinning Leigh’s project-delivery success is her ability to create and manage effective working relationships with all stakeholders. Working from the same page and within required timeframes, Leigh’s teams are able to continually improve productivity, service quality and customer satisfaction.

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