Nate Veikkanen

Senior Manager

Nate is an experienced auditor and accountant who has provided external and internal audits services, including, financial and accounting advisory services to both private and public sectors for almost nine years.

Nate’s career began at RSM Australia as an auditor before moving to the Australian National Audit Office to continue his career for the next seven years.

Nate has an excellent track-record in delivering significant government audits including, Prime Minister and Cabinet, Treasury, Defence, and the government’s Consolidated Financial Statements. He thoroughly enjoys the process of building and maintaining strong working relationships and believes that it is a critical aspect of succeeding in delivering a quality product and outcome.

Nate has in-depth knowledge of the Commonwealth Resource Management Framework, Australian Accounting Standards, and Auditing Standards. His core skillset includes data and business analysis, risk management, financial reporting, internal control evaluation, and team leadership.

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