This is a message to all our mates who play croquet!

- October 2018

This is a message to all our mates who play croquet!

We at Parbery have a firm belief in the need for business to support groups that support the community. In fact, we actively encourage each of our staff members to identify a community group close to their heart, that Parbery can support throughout the year. These groups may be charitable, sporting, or artistic, and our support may include financial donations, donations of goods and services, or just simply lending a hand when they have an important event on.

The very existence of these not for profit organisations has huge benefits (or at least potential benefits) for each of us – they allow us to participate in the sports and pastimes that we love, support people in the community that we care about, and provide us with an abundance of opportunities to learn and grow.

It is with that in mind that we try to help these organisations do what they do to make our lives better. To take just one example, Parbery is currently supporting the Australian Croquet Association by sponsoring the upcoming Australian Croquet Championships in November.  Yes, it might be a little left field for some, but it is a sport that is close to the hearts of two of Parbery’s staff.

This support will have the simple objective of making the Championship a better and more enjoyable event for all involved, whether player, official or spectator.

So, why does this make our company really excited?

The answer is simple. The power of sport is significant – it can lift people up, inspire them, improve their lives drastically (in a number of different ways) – and in our view, should be accessible to as many people as possible.

As it happens, Croquet is undergoing something of a renaissance of late. Australia has both the Number 1 croquet team in the world, and the World Number 1 player, and we want to see these achievements flow on down to the sport’s grass roots and ensure its success into the future.

On a more immediate scale, we are hoping that our support will encourage more people to enter the Australian Croquet Championships, and to take the positive experiences of this event back to their home states and clubs and, in turn, encourage more people to play this truly outstanding (and remarkably complex!) sport.