The economics of the Taylor Swift Eras Tour

- February 2024

The Australian leg of the Eras Tour has officially ended with Taylor Swift’s last set of concerts now wrapped up. Here at Parbery, we have many Swifties who made the trek to either Melbourne or Sydney to see the US pop superstar perform in what is now the highest ever grossing musical tour!

As part of this record-breaking tour, the Project Controls team at Parbery did a little deep dive into some of the financial figures and numbers behind the tour. Read on to find some fun revenue and cost facts that form part of our wider “Cost of” series.

How much did the Eras Tour earn in comparison to other concert tours? 

As stated in the infographic, the Eras Tour is the first of its kind to break the $1 billion dollar mark for music tours and it is still going! It has surpassed Sir Elton John and his “Farewell Yellow Brick Road” global tour.

How far and how long does a global tour take? 

Although the Eras Tour started nearly a year ago on 17th March 2023 in Glendale, Arizona, it isn’t set to finish until later this year on 8th December 2024 in Vancouver, Canada. The global tour covers 151 shows over 5 different continents, with some serious frequent flyer miles!

If Taylor Swift were to fly without interruption, end to end, travelling from one city to the next, the distance would be 63,058 miles or 101,482 km! This is the equivalent of going around the circumference of the globe 2 and a half times (globe being 40,075km).

The tour has Taylor travelling to 53 cities across the globe. In order to fly from one city to the next, and with the type of private jet Taylor is known to fly with, it would take approximately 5 and a quarter days at average speed minimum just to visit them all! Fuel alone would cost AUD 435,0000. (This excludes slowing down of the plane to land or take-off speeds being lower.)

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The cost of attending an Eras concert 

Other than the time commitment and logistics of going to see Taylor, the monetary cost is quite a bit more than just the ticket retail price! Many fans make it memorable by buying exclusive outfits to make the most of what could be a once-in-a-lifetime experience. Whilst some superfans can spend AUD 10,000 plus to go, the average fan is not spending quite that much, as detailed below.

Economic impact 

There are obvious benefits for fans and Taylor when she holds a concert. However, the advantages do not stop there: The cities and nations she travels to also greatly benefit with a large number profiting off this major event. Below we break down the US impacts and Australian economic impacts.

We hope you’ve learned a thing or two about the numbers behind the Taylor Swift Eras Tour. Whether you are a Swiftie or not, I think we can all agree that the economics behind this tour is phenomenal!

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By Sam Lemin, Senior Manager